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There are various ways to earn money online at the comfort of your home. Google and Yahoo are earning billions of dollars from their small sites :-p
I myself make around $1000 to $1500 per month from this blog with various forms of advertisements, affiliate ads and more.. You are required to learn a little of html language to know basic about website building and do some research before you earn such an online income. You are required to work a little hard initially only but once your site is established and popular, Just sit back and see money coming your way. icon mrgreen Make Money Online

So it Just require some dedication and your interest on your part to start earning money with a website on internet. Don’t get down if you don’t make money initially, success surely comes with hard work. I will show you some of the best and reliable ways to make money online.

Follow these surefire steps to start your online business:


  • First of all, Create a Paypal account to send and receive online money you make. Its better to create a Premiere account for online transactions. Its FREE to create a paypal account. You are not required to spend any money in creating a paypal account. Paypal is a highly secure site by Ebay company. You can start receiving and sending money from your mail address without any cost.

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  • Buy a New domain name.. First of all, you can do some Freelancing work to get some money in your paypal. OR you can upload some money in your paypal account through your credit card. Then with that money, You can select some reputed domain registration companies offering cheap and quality domain registration services E.g. Moniker or Namecheap to buy a domain name. Its always advisable to create a top level domain name, but if you don’t wish to buy a new domain name or hosting account, you can select some free blog hosting companies like or where you can get a subdomain like and so on.

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  • Buy a Web hosting.. – While selecting webhosting, it is important to check the reputation and uptime of that hosting company. You can select from various reputed hosting plans from Hostmonster or Hostican.. Both offers cheap web hosting and has good customer support. OR you can select free blog hoster’s as discussed above.

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  • Now install a WordPress blog script or any such blogging script on your hosting account. If you want to make it easy, you can go to your fantastico in your hosting account for one click intall of wordpress blog.
  • Add some Unique content on your blog. Write as much as you can.. Interesting and Unique ofcourse. Create some goodtraffic before you put advertisements. Make your blog popular by posting comments in various blogs, participating in forum discussion, email your blog url to your friends etc.
  • Next step is Sign up to Google adsense.. Google adsense is the widely used way to make money online. When a visitor to your site/blog clicks on a Google ad, you get money. Its called “Pay Per Click” or PPC program. icon smile Make Money Online . Google is by far the most recommended, highly paid and reputed PPC campaign to kick start your online income. When you earn above 100$ , you will receive check from Google at your doorstep. Beware – dont click google ads at your own.
  • You can also sign up to Widget-bucks OR Chitaka. They are similar to Google adsense and pays more than Adsense.

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  • Next step is to sign-up with Text-Link-Ads.. They will help you in selling Text links ads on your site and will pay you handsome amount of money. You can earn ranging from $5/month to $100/month for a text link ads sold to your blog. So if you are selling 10 TLA ads, you can make from 50 to 1k per month from TLA only. The price depends on various factors like google pagerank, traffic, alexa, link popularity and many more.

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  • You can also sell Paid blogposts and Reviews on your blog.. You have to write a small article of around 100 to 300 words about the advertising website with 1 or 2 links to that website. So they will pay you to write about their site. The best way is to signup to PayPerPost or SponsoredReviews and get jobs delivered to your account.

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  • A new way is creating a buzz these days. Its Pay Per Install program. You place their wallpapers, softwares, screensavers on your site (for Free) and you are paid everytime a visitor downloads that free wallpaper or software. Neither you or the visitor requires to pay any amount. VombaCash and ZangoCash are among the top paying pay per install programs.

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Keep watching this space for more ways to make money online.
If you have any doubts, why dont you post comment icon smile Make Money Online Also comment about your experience.
Happy Earnings. icon wink Make Money Online


For those who don’t have any website, they can still make money from internet. You are not required to have any website. Just fill some offers or visit sites and you are paid via paypal. - Another reliable program similar to But here you can also earn by filling/completing some free offers. So you are paid to click, paid to fill surverys, paid to read emails and more.. lot of opportunities on Adbux and they also pay on time via Paypal..

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Also try out Affiliate marketing if you have an established site or know about PPC campaigns. Clickbooth seems the best CPA network and offers payment via paypal.
So try out Clickbooth – and Make Money!

Hope you will enjoy the ways.. More will be coming. icon smile Make Money Online

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