I have compiled a list of all free available templates of both free and paid versions for php link directory script ;

If you know any templates which are not listed here, reply in comments and I will add them soon. Also post the best template you like Or the one which you are using on your directory.

Best hosting for a web directory – directory doesn’t require much space.. Bandwidth can go high if its a popular directory. I recommend HostGator Shared hosting plan to get started and then upgrade your plan as per the needs.

260x100jpeg All free templates of PHPLinkDirectory !

Free Version 2.1 templates:

FREE Version 2.0 templates:

Paid script Version 3.06 templates:

Please help me to create a complete list, please post your template link in the comments.

Let me know if any link is broken/ template is not available.

References for collection of templates:

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